9 Eco-Friendly + Sustainable Brands For A Happy Home

9 Eco-Friendly + Sustainable Brands For A Happy Home

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The brands we choose to carry at Bellini's are more than just luxurious, niche, and designed to make you happy -- they are also environmentally conscious, forward thinking, and have values we stand behind. We only carry brands that follow their established code of ethics, as we’re not interested in performative brand acts. Here is a overview of who we’re currently carrying:


In addition to providing artisanal scents for the sophisticated fragrance aficionado, LUMIRA believes in making environmentally conscious decisions when sourcing both their raw materials and the vessels that house them.

Worldwide Ethics

Informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals for resource management, responsible production and ethical labor, LUMIRA's overarching goal is to create sustainable growth through respect for people and the environment, both now and into the future. They carefully select each scent to improve personal wellbeing (aromatherapy). Using only non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly ingredients, such as natural soy wax, LUMIRA is able to create candles with a cleaner burn and less smoke compared with many other wax types. Using soy wax, as opposed to paraffin, is easier on the environment, as soybeans are a renewable resource whereas paraffin wax is derived from petroleum (a nonrenewable resource).

Improving Global Working Conditions

LUMIRA is accredited by Sedex for improving working conditions in global supply chains. From providing business education and restoring the land, to supporting mental health, giving back to others is at the heart of LUMIRA. In addition to Bellini's being choosy about which brands we carry, LUMIRA vets out their stores.

They are committed to the following principles, and partner with suppliers and businesses who make a similar commitment, including:

  • No child labour and no forced labour of any kind, including slavery or human trafficking;
  • Employees will face no discrimination during or after hiring;
  • All employees must receive at least a minimum wage, plus any overtime or penalty rates that apply in that state or country;
  • All staff have a right to expect a safe and clean working environment;
  • Employees have the right to join a union, and may not be penalized for their decision to join or not join, consistent with local laws in that state or country.
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Mad et Len

Mad et Len is an experimental fragrance and home decor brand inspired by earth's natural surroundings. After traveling the world, founders Sandra and Alexandre now reside in the French Alps while recreating the peaceful atmosphere and rough landscapes into their work. For example, laminated iron pots house raw crystal potpourri which celebrate a sophisticated rawness. The entire process of creating a Mad et Len piece, from perfume to potpourri, is handcrafted by local artisans. 

Personally Sourced

Mad et Len sources all essential oils themselves, using naturally aged woods, flowers and spices. Some ingredients take up to two years to reach olfactory perfection. To continue this level of quality, Mad et Len produces limited quantities for each release. Their iron packaging that houses their potpourri and perfume is made in Moroccan workshops that took Mad et Len 5 years to set up. 

Using Natural Ingredients

Mad et Len firmly believes in using natural ingredients. One of the original hurdles Mad et Len faced was adapting raw materials into pleasant scents - without using excessive ingredients. As a result, their perfumes and essential oils are clean, specific, and provide the feeling of being in nature. Another example of their dedication to natural ingredients is their use of amber rocks, which are made from a type of vegetable gum that comes from the Acacia tree. This approach gives a crystal-like aesthetic without over harvesting crystals, which take thousands of years to naturally develop. 

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Van Dang Fragrances

Created to elevate the idea of home decor and scent, Van Dang is an artisanal fragrance collection. They focus on bringing awareness to this moment that connects you to the universe and helps you manifest your dreams. A new brand to Bellini’s, Van Dang Fragrances combines mindfulness and luxury with everyday accessibility. 

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) Certified

IFF is a global leader that has established worldwide standards for science and creativity for a better world. They supply a variety of industries, like fragrance, home and personal care, with innovative solutions that balance both production and sustainability. For a brand to become IFF Certified, they have to rethink conventional production pipelines, minimize operational footprint, and prioritize responsibilities to the people and planet. Some of the avenues IFF and IFF Certified brands pursue are green chemistry, circular sustainability design, and responsible sourcing. Some of Van Dang Fragrances initiatives include making candles using vegan vegetal wax and high-quality wicks, which provides a sustainable, clean smelling burn. All of their crystals are rough (besides their smokey and clear quartz, which are naturally faceted), because that is how they come out of the ground. This means that no unnecessary man-made processing occurs to alter the crystals into uniform shapes.

Farm-to-Fragrance Ingredients

One of the cornerstones of the Van Dang Fragrances brand is their dedication to sourcing the purest ingredients directly from farmers. Van Dang spent over four years traveling to different farms around the world until finding the perfect farming connections - Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, Orange Blossoms from Morocco, Jasmine and Sandalwood from India, just to name a few. At the heart of the brand is the idea of connection, and Van Dang takes pride in connecting farmers to consumers. Their team works hand-in-hand, directly with farmers around the world under a strict ethos of complete transparency, and a commitment to environmental management and sustainability. All their scents are certified 100% natural, pesticide-free, and fair trade, and we think they smell divine.

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Carrière Frères 

The name Carrière Frères equates to luxury. From their conception, Carrière Frères has only sought to provide the finest experience with their products. Maintaining biodiversity and natural resources is an absolute priority for the brand, which for several years has been pursuing a transparent and more sustainable approach. Carrière Frères does more than just make candles, they create tributes to the diversity of the natural world.

Use, But Don't Overuse

Every aspect of the Carrière Frères production is thoughtfully laid out to minimize environmental impact without compromising the product’s aesthetics or sensory attributes. Over time, superfluous packaging has disappeared, glass is both recycled and recyclable, 100% of the alcohol in diffusers is from French beetroot, and FSC* paper packaging is only printed with vegetable-based ink. 

Raw materials and botanical essences are sustainable, and are only purchased from ethical cooperatives, support sustainability programs, or organic agricultural practices. From flowers, fruits, woods, and herbs, each raw ingredient is intended to express itself purely. For example, did you know that the Melon candle blends pineapple and banana to fully flesh out the scent of a cantaloupe? This combination brings the melon to life, giving it the scent of rind and fleshy fruit sweetness. Favoring only the utmost quality also means respecting a global CSR** policy.

*FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which takes action to protect the future of forests and stand against harmful practices like deforestation and illegal logging, among others.

**CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, which focuses on ethical, environmental, philanthropic, and financial initiatives. 

100% Vegetable Wax

For years, Carrière Frères dreamed of a sustainable wax medium to host their scented candles in. Although the brand already had the highest quality wax available, Carrière Frères is driven by the spirit of innovation. This led them to develop their own wax, a 100% vegetable wax made from European organic rapeseed, which has been used for all wax tablets and candles since 2022. Rapeseed was chosen because it requires little water to grow, and is best suited to European soil. Carrière Frères describes rapeseed as “a melliferous plant that is highly appreciated by bees.” By innovating a new wax, Carrière Frères also contributes to reducing the demand for soy. Rapeseed wax is also excellent for retaining fragrance, which truly makes it an ideal match. Helping pollinators and reducing soy consumption? That’s a win-win. 

 Grab our favorite:

Charles Farris

Synonymous with candle manufacturing, culture, and craftsmanship, the British company Charles Farris was originally made for English royalty. In 1845, Charles Farris began supplying pillar candles to Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. Their quality earned them a Royal Warrant, which gives them permission to use the designation and an image of the crown along with the Charles Farris name on signs, letterhead, packaging and labels. This standard makes this historic London company one of the ultimate candlemakers.

A Tradition of Excellence

Over 170 years later, Charles Farris continues to honor their beginnings by using traditional methods from the Victorian era. To make the highest quality candle for the modern day, it should be slow-burning and long-lasting, and crafted by skilled candlemakers. Charles Farris has benefited from generations of skilled artisans applying passed-down knowledge to their processes, which has allowed Charles Farris to remain an integral part of the London scenery. Keeping practices and ideas alive is an important aspect of history, which is in itself sustaining future generations of thought.

Local Initiatives

Charles Farris knows that every corporate body has a duty to protect the environment, and this commitment is embedded in the brand values and business strategy. Some of these commitments are to:

  • Minimize waste and pollution via efficient operations to reduce impact on environment
  • Source ingredients with minimizing environmental impact in mind
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers
  • Efficient use of water and energy
  • Monitor progress against targets and objectives on a regular basis.
  • Consider environmental aspects and impacts as factors in business and operational decisions, always balanced with health, safety and quality considerations.
  • Support environmental initiatives in the local community.
 Grab our favorite:

Moodcast Candle Company

Moodcast landed at Bellini’s in late September, 2022, and is already making waves in the community. We call these “introduction to luxury” candles because of their accessible price point and fragrant cold/hot throws. Moodcast, as the name implies, is all about setting the tone for a space. They use colors inspired by 60s Finnish glassware and principles of color-therapy to create a palette to reinforce each mood.

Clean Coconut Wax

Moodcast uses a natural wax blend to provide superior scent throw while maintaining long burn times! Coconut wax is considered to be one of the best candle waxes to use because it doesn't produce as much soot as the other types of wax – although it should be noted that Bellini’s doesn’t carry candles that filthy up the air. You can breathe easy knowing that Moodcast candle’s fragrances are paraben-, phthalate-, sulfate-, and cruelty-free.

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Maison la Bougie

We started stocking Maison la Bougie matches in September, 2022, because of their individualized, artistic matchbox containers. They revolutionized the classics by introducing aesthetic changes to traditional tools. The brand originated in Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. It’s no wonder that a city saturated with candles would need the perfect match to light each wick! These jumbo matchboxes feature novel patterns and prints inspired by art, architecture, travel and plants. 

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Born out of Rome, Coreterno combines symbols of antiquity with punk rock. Embellishing classical paintings and renaissance sculptures with modern symbols of rock - like David Bowie’s lightning bolt or the anarchy symbol - gives Coreterno's candles a modern edge. Pillar candles have historically been used in religious houses (see Charles Farris), and the combination of classical and rebellious gives these candles a wide variety of aesthetic uses. Coreterno describes itself as the result of “many mistakes, sacrifices, burns, patience, sleepless nights, ruined hands and infinite joy.”

Punk, Without Being Dark

Coreterno candles are vegan and cruelty free, are made according to ancient Italian tradition (meaning the recipe is hidden away in a centuries old Italian book), and use pure-cotton wicks. These wicks are produced exclusively with organic cotton that is cultivated without use of chemicals, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers. They integrate methods that respect biodiversity, improve the quality of the soil, and limit water consumption. They only use unscented mineral and vegetable wax, and are ideal for people looking for a gorgeous glowing candle without scent.

Handcrafted and Individually Signed

Each one of Coreterno's pillar candles are unique. Not just in terms of their design, but each candle is handcrafted and signed by a small team of artisans. Each design is imprinted onto the candle through a specialized process of sublimation printing. This process has been developed by Coreterno, who has been able to imprint high-quality, intricate details onto candles. The most impressive feat is that each tiny detail is defined, so there are no fuzzy borders or smears in the image. 

 Grab our favorite:


COQUI COQUI expresses homage to the history, landscape, culture, lifestyle and history of scent based on the magnificent nature and tropical scent of the land. The brand has a variety of small suites in the Yucatan and Polynesian Peninsulas, where a different signature scent fills the rooms. 

Preserving Inspiration

The impetus for creating Coqui Coqui Perfumeria is the Yucatan. From the natural tropical aroma in the air, to the landscape, people, culture and lifestyle, every aspect of the area inspires COQUI COQUI's scent profiles. It also helps that in addition to the rich, centuries-old history of perfume production in the area. In 2009, COQUI COQUI was founded with the goal of recovering the local monks’ old formulas and fusing them together with the legacy of ancient Mayan medicine. Each fragrance is an invitation to travel through the poetry of the inner emotions and the enchantment of feeling home.

Monks + Mayans

COQUI COQUI's fragrances are an ode to the historical areas COQUI COQUI is inspired by. Their scents use natural ingredients, oils, and herbal blends to offer an ultimate olfactive experience. In order to capture the powerful floras of the peninsula that convey the colorful, exotic lifestyle of the area, founder Malleville has followed in the nation’s history of Franciscan monks and native Mayans documentation of the region's flora and fauna. Malleville continues such lineage, rooting the COQUI COQUI Perfumeria in the Yucatan itself.

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