Lunar New Year’s Resolve

Lunar New Year’s Resolve

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2023 is predicted to be a year of hope according to lunar new year water rabbit sign and numerology.

The Chinese zodiac runs in 12 year cycles through a series of animals, as well as through five elements: water, gold, earth, fire, and wood. This means that each element and animal combination occurs once every 60 years! 

The rabbit is associated with having characteristics of longevity, peace, and prosperity. Water is also associated with longevity and peace. Water Rabbits specifically are gentle, amicable, and accommodating. In terms of the energy of the year, this is definitely a positive start. Rabbits are also considered lucky, so this year might just bring you a little extra luck.

Embrace Change and Stay Consistent

Every year, people around the world set intentions and New Year’s resolutions to better themselves and their quality of life. Setting goals for yourself is essential for positive change. Every day, you build upon yourself in one way or another. It is estimated that we make 35,000 decisions in a day, and every one of those contributes to who you are.

Often, making changes for ourselves can be difficult. We may have to unlearn ideas or habits, or want to learn a completely new skill. Either way, change takes dedication. 2023 is a great year to take advantage of the general energy and solidify your initiatives. Many things in life require help from others, and it is always easier to cooperate with someone who is accommodating and compassionate. While these are both qualities of the Rabbit zodiac, it is also important to remember to hold onto yourself. Because Rabbits are kind and accommodating, they also have the propensity to be swayed by others. Truly in life there is always a negative and a positive, a yin and yang, to everything. We can always learn from negatives as much as we can from positives.

Your Ideal Self

Large goals are often hard to grasp on a daily basis. How do you make it to your end goal? It takes daily steps in one direction to make it to the end goal. You might think that is easier said than done, but it certainly is attainable. There is a reason instant gratification is so prevalent in life - we like to see results. Whatever the result is, we are drawn towards instantaneous answers, feelings, and experiences. Although enjoyable, instant gratification does not have the same effect that delayed gratification has. Achieving goals that are difficult to attain are more rewarding in that sense. Not every goal should be difficult, though. A combination of both accessible and goals-to-strive-for feels the most rewarding on a daily basis.

Many articles about sticking to your goals suggest you reward yourself along the way for this reason. For example, my goal is to reorganize and redesign my apartment. I have been living there for almost 6 years, and mostly have my college furniture and decor. At first, this seems like a large task - I could start anywhere, and definitely have gotten distracted in the process. In order to make my goal achievable, I began to work on sub-sections of my home. The thought of spending hours working on organizing and removing unused items was too much for me, but the thought of organizing for 40 minutes was much easier for me to implement. One night, I only worked on 2 kitchen cabinets but cleared out (and found!) several spices I wasn’t using. When I saw a bag of donations build up, I was excited to continue with my efforts! This is just a small example of breaking down large goals into smaller bits.

Pair Your Sense With Scent

Research has shown that meditation can help refine your ability to visualize your process, which gives you mental stamina to continue. If you are searching for something to help ground your daily practices, we highly recommend beginning a sort of meditation practice. Even taking 60 seconds in the morning to visualize (or narrate, depending on your thinking style) either what you want to accomplish that day, a perspective to carry for the day, or perform a self-check in with how your body is feeling will help you feel connected to the present moment. Meditation comes in a variety of forms, such as journaling, yoga, and traditional sitting or walking meditation, just to name a few, but those aren’t the only ways to do so. 

One strong aspect that connects body and mind is scent. Scent changes on our body chemistry, as well as reminds us of our memories, and is a strong guide of the subconscious. Scent is strongly associated with the mind, so is a wonderful tool to use for meditation. In fact, meditation and aromatherapy are already frequently paired together in traditional settings. 

Herb and Root describes it best by stating that "our sense of smell is the only one of our senses that is directly connected to the brain ... When fragrances from the atmosphere enter the nose, they attach to receptor cells, which send electrical signals to the limbic system of the brain, the part involved in memory and emotion. Combine the powerful effect of scent on behavior and moods with the ancient practice of mindfulness, and you have a formula for truly healing the mind.”

Because scent is a powerful cue to trigger memories, when you pair an intention with a scent, you are able to subconsciously remind yourself of your goal. We love to use Van Dang Fragrance’s Crystal Meditation Kits as one method of connecting scent, meditation, and intentions. There are a variety of fragrances and crystals to choose from, so you can find one that resonates with you.


Here are a few intentions that may be of use to you:

  •  I am compassionate and considerate, and I allow myself to be so.
  • I rest when I need to.
  • I let go of what is holding me back
  • I treat others with respect and understanding.
  • I love and accept myself.

Meditation is a mental framework that revolves around focusing the mind. It is about letting go of thoughts that interrupt the feeling of existing. The idea of sticking to lengthy goals is termed self-concordance. New research has shown that mindful and self-concordant individuals pick goals that align with their beliefs, and feel more satisfaction from accomplishing these goals. The reason for this being that these goals are motivated by internal factors, such as beliefs, as opposed to external pressure, such as seeking status. All this to say it is worth the work it takes to set and carry out your goals. 

It can feel like goals are unattainable because there isn’t enough time in the day, and while there definitely should be more time in each day, you can help slow time down by becoming aware of the now. According to the Chinese Zodiac, Rabbits are inclined towards finishing goals once set, which further reinforces the idea that 2023 is the year to make substantial strides in your goals.

Lessons From a Rabbit

There are a few more examples of why people believe 2023 will be a good year. According to numerology, 2023 is a universal 7 year. When you add up 2+0+2+3, you get 7. A 7 year brings with it inspiration and change within oneself, as well as introspection and getting answers to avoided questions. According to this theory, instant gratification is not in the agenda this year. 2023 is about patience and reflection, and with it brings an aspect of hope. When you spend time reflecting, you often have a greater understanding than you did prior. 

Creative Numerology states that "over-analysis is a form of denial. To overanalyze means that you have the correct answer but refuse to accept it. Then you go on searching for an answer you would prefer rather than accept the truth. Remember that the truth for one is not necessarily the truth for another, and that the truth has a tendency to drive you crazy just before it sets you free. Perhaps what you once thought was craziness is simply what it takes to free yourself from outdated beliefs."

Take inspiration from water this year. The famous saying “be water” suggests the idea of accommodation and transformation, as well as natural power and force. This year, numerology expert Sarah Yip suggest to “embrace life’s ‘wobbles’ and be brave in imprecation, as all great visionaries are.”

Whatever your year brings, remember to give yourself grace. Sometimes things don’t seem positive until we are able to reflect on them later, sort of like a delayed gratification. Remember to take care of yourself first so that you can be the best version of yourself for others. Use this year to gain knowledge about yourself, because one day you will look back grateful you did.

Have a happy Lunar New Year. Love, Bellini’s

This article was written by Marketing Lead, Savannah Kaufman.


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