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Carriere Freres La Rose Aime La Menthe Candle

Behind a matte, soft pink glass, perfumes of Damascus rose and spearmint bond. Known as the "Queen of Flowers", the Damascus rose was praised in Syria for the finesse of its scent, its elegance and its exquisite corolla of petals. Celebrated since Antiquity, from China to Persia, and Europe to Maghreb, the rose proves once again that it is the symbol of love, beauty, and their combined frailty. By contrast, spearmint offers freshness with its deep green serrated leaves and cob-shaped pink or lilac flowers. Characteristic from North Africa's souk markets and palaces, it stands out with its exhilarating and subtle scent.


Colorscience Sunforgettable Brush on Mineral SPF

Powered by EnviroScreen® Technology, this all-powerful, all-mineral skin shield provides complete protection in one convenient, on-the-go application—alone or over makeup. Perfect for reapplying throughout the day over makeup. Easy to carry in your bag or golf cart.


Coola Mineral Liplux SPF 30

These are the balm! Take your pick from our tinted mineral SPF 30 lip treatments. Each SPF lip balm adds a hint of natural-looking tint while protecting your pout. Kiss dry, boring lips goodbye! Infused with organic cupuaçu butter and mongongo oil, these organic formulas also smooth and nourish to help keep lips healthy, plump, and youthful-looking. Can't decide? Layer two shades for a one-of-a-kind lip look.


Coqui Coqui de Ambientes Coco Coco Reed Diffuser

This Coqui Coqui reed diffuser is irresistible and sensual, with a subtle bitter green edge. From the Yucatan Collection, it is one of the first fragrances created by the Coqui Coqui Perfumeria and inspired by the paradise shores of Tulum. This Coco Coco reed diffuser is immediately evocative of lush palms and white sand coasts, infused with salty sea air. Coco Coco turns to the Yucatan’s green coconut as its source, creating fresh, modern and verdant notes, in addition to the classic milky sweet, velvety, vanilla fragrance. Coco Coco is sensual and crisp, transporting the wearer to tropical paradise fantasies. 100mL. Imported.

Coqui Coqui Reed Diffuser Notes
Green coconut, vanilla


Gehwol Avocado Leg Vitality

GEHWOL Leg Vitality with algae extract, avocado oil and other medicinal plant substances is a balm for the daily and sophisticated care of legs and feet. GEHWOL Leg Vitality is absorbed rapidly, pleasantly refreshing and makes your skin beautiful, smooth and supple. Daily care with GEHWOL makes your legs and feet feel good.

Revitalizes, smooths the skin and refreshes tired legs. Massage the cream into the legs and feet twice a day.


Jurlique Restoring Hand Wash Lemon Geranium Clary Sage

Enriched with natural extracts of hydrating Marshmallow Root, calming Chamomile and purifying Echinacea, this luxurious hand wash softens your skin as it gently cleans. Its unique blend of natural botanical fragrance oils revitalize the senses while its soap-free formula leaves your hands refreshed, soft and beautifully fragranced.


Mad et Len Black Champaka Potpourri Limited Edition

Small batches of oils are created with undiluted essential oils and infused into lave rocks that are housed in handmade-blacked iron pots, these lava rocks smell of Black Champaka. The Black Champaka potpourri has notes of patchouli, gourmand, and woody champaka. Item comes with a 15mL eyedropper bottle of scented liquid to refresh the stones. Large size.


Mad et Len Potpourri Large Totem Rose

A beautiful selection pink crystals, non-scented, presented in the iconic Mad et Len brushed iron vessel. You can scent the crystals with your desired fragrance oil, creating a unique potpourri experience– or simply enjoy the Totem unscented as an Objet d'Art.

Mad et Len products are handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, in small batches. Handmade steel vessel and black steel lid. The largest size in the Potpourri Apothicaire family. Hand-applied gold foil label. 16cm diameter, 16cm height (including lid). Includes a 15 mL recharge of your choice.


Mad et Len Red Musc Eau de Parfum

RED MUSC | Vermilions like coals, Violets like jets of gas, Blues like flames of alcohol, Whites like star light- RED LIKE MUSC.

Eau de Parfum - Black Block - comes in a Black Glass bottle, with a black metallic spray and hot gold signature on a black label each perfume comes in a Hand-made black iron box, hand signed with a hot gold logo and finally a black paper box.

50ml Eau de Parfum
MAD et LEN is an ode to earthly elements. Handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, the brand’s exquisite eau de parfum, pure vegetable wax candles, room sprays, reed diffusers and “potpourri” in Saharan lava rock and amber resin formats are all crafted in-house, in small batches, with essential oils of undiluted flowers, woods and spices. Moss, violet, soil, oak, eucalyptus, cypress, and mint are just some of the notes in these intense fragrances.

Each MAD et LEN creation is housed in one-of-a-kind blackened iron vessels made by the company’s own blacksmiths using ancient methods

Mad et Len 50mL parfum spray. Black glass bottle, includes handmade iron box and outer paper box.

Olfactive Studio Flash Back

A memory in motion and in action: that is also the magic and the raison d’être of Flash Back. A tangy and vibrant fragrance, Flash Back is an olfactory reminiscence: tangy and slightly green rhubarb mixed with hesperides revives an enveloping childhood smell: that of rhubarb tart. A base note of vetiver and cedar give it woody sensuality. GENDER NEUTRAL FRAGRANCE.



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