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Finding a balanced, individual beauty requires creativity, ingenuity, and determination, and after dedicating 23 years to skin care as a spa, we’ve evolved! The Skin+Waxing Studio at Bellini’s is more than the creation of an entrancing new space – it is a homage to what makes each one of us uniquely “us” and uniquely beautiful.

Our standard is one of integrative philosophy – a meeting between the power of science with the beauty of nature, achieving results with dedicated professionalism. With the complexities of the intrinsic, the environmental, and the ripples of dietary and medicinal stases, knowledge really is power. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and that’s why education is key at Bellini’s. Our in-depth training allows us to guide you to the appropriate choices and, ultimately, most effective treatments to care for your skin; a quality that sets Bellini’s apart from one-size-fits-all beauty.

We hear it again and again from our clients: “I can’t believe the difference in my skin.” Now it’s your turn to experience the Bellini’s difference and see visible results in your own skin.


Owner, Aesthetician

Sonia Bellini

Two decades later, Sonia decided it was time to evolve. Realizing that fragrance was another way for people to express their individual beauty, she created an entirely new beauty experience that includes a parfumerie filled with hard-to-find scents from modern fragrance artists. And with that a name change to Bellini’s Skin + Parfumerie. Besides Bellini’s skin treatments and intoxicating fragrances, they also offer artisan candles, luxurious body products, and many other must-haves for both women and men. While many of the brands we carry are exclusive, our attitude isn’t. Within our comfortable, welcoming space, you’ll truly find something for everyone. So come in, say hello, and explore our sensory playground. We can’t wait to help you discover your most beautiful self.

Aesthetician Apprentice

Abby Durey

Abby is an aesthetician apprentice who has recently gotten certified for waxing, and is currently working on her PCA Skin certification. She is originally from Philedelphia, and made her way to Oregon 4 years ago to change her scenery. Since moving to Portland, Abby has attended and graduated from The Aveda Institute with a focus on esthetics. She has been part of The Bellini's team since July 2021, and has been very excited and driven in starting her new career as an aesthetician!

Since living in Portland, Abby has discovered her love of skincare, and has established a goal of helping people love and feel comfortable in their skin. After hours she loves cuddling with her cat, watching reality tv, and engaging with pop culture. In addition, Abby is very passionate about mental health and substance abuse reform.

What is her number one piece of beauty advice? "USE SPF!!!!"


Eliza Palamarchuk

Eliza (eh-lee-zah) has been a part of The Bellini's Team since August 2021, and has brought a unique perspective to skincare! Having been born in Ukraine and speaking three languages, she spent years studying to be a pharmacist before discovering her love of esthetics. Her goal, much like our own, is to help people bring out their inner beauty by making them more confident in their skin! After years of waxing clients in Russia, she made her way to the United States, where she graduated from the Aveda Institute of Portland. Soon after, Eliza joined Bellini's! During her Apprenticeship, she has discovered her love of extractions and relaxing facial massages.

Her number one piece of beauty advice? "To properly take care of your beauty, you need to start with your heart and soul, otherwise no cosmetics will make a difference!"

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