Bare Hands Crystal Nail File Duo

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Bare Hand's crystal files are made in the Czech Republic and are considered the gold standard for shaping. Designed for natural nails, the smooth, precise surface prevents a ragged free edge. With regular use, this file promotes a more stable, less breakage-prone nail. Includes 2 nail files packed in a recyclable paper tube.

❖ High quality Czech glass file
❖ Super fine surface
❖ Gentle enough for weak or fragile nails

❖ Made of a glass with a mineral blend that gently binds keratin cells with no chipping and no dry time needed.
❖ A natural high-gloss shine is achieved without paints or solvents.
❖ Hygienic, does not adsorb oils and can be easily sterilized
❖ Durable, Czech hardened glass nail files are almost unbreakable in everyday use

❖ Go slowly.
❖ Start from one of the outside corners and file toward the center.
❖ Don't file back and forth across the entire nail tip because it will damage the nail.
❖ When you achieve the desired length and shape on one side, file from the opposite corner toward the center.

❖ 2 Czech Crystal Glass Nail Files

High Shine, Naturally.
Bare Hands wants to change the way you feel about your nails. It started with the simple idea that natural nails should be just that; shined and nourished with the same ingredients you find in high-end organic skincare. Bare Hands partnered with select formulators and producers to create a method that works without any harmful solvents or plasticizers. A revelation for those who prefer a beautifully-groomed natural nail.