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Parfums de Marly Masterclass

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Join us on January 16th 2022 at 10:00am PST via Zoom to learn about Parfums de Marly from brand expert and national sales director, Brandon Aul, for an exclusive masterclass to discover the world of niche perfumery. Explore both the feminine and masculine lines from Parfums de Marly. Use hashtag #BellinisMasterclass on social media to share your excitement! 

This is a virtual olfactive experience paying homage to the splendor of the 18th century as celebrated during the golden age of perfumery. Hosted by Bellini's Skin and Parfumerie.

This Masterclass includes both Feminine and Masculine Discovery Kits, as well as testing strips to follow along with during the zoom event.

Once the event is over, every purchase will receive the discovery kit and a recording of the event to follow along.

Hosted by Bellini's Skin and Parfumerie

Parfums de Marly Masterclass

The Haute Perfumery Maison, Parfums de Marly, created by Julien Sprecher, revives the splendor of the lifestyle of Château de Marly, a place dedicated to pleasure and celebration during the 18th century. A refined perfumery, respecting French savoir-faire, with audacious compositions that dare to go against the grain. Each fragrance has its own olfactory signature, developed from a palette of noble ingredients. Parfums de Marly creates a unique experience that reflects the fascinating association between the classic and the contemporary.