Phytomer XMF Supreme Youth Set

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Youth & Glow Supreme Cream: PIONNIÈRE XMF Supreme

Reveals younger skin. PIONNIÈRE XMF Supreme is an exceptional beauty cream that combines two natural marine sugars with incredible youth properties. This sumptuous pink cream infused with flowery and soft notes provides the skin with all the freshness and glow that it deserves. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed in 1 hour*. Day after day, the complexion’s radiance is enhanced, the skin looks plumped and glows with new youthfulness.

XMF Exfoliating Mask (FREE Gift! Worth $165)

This precious balm provides all the benefits of a smoothing mask with turns into oil when exfoliating. Then, when water is added, the balm transforms into a milky veil, which when rinsed, reveals smoother, moisturized skin with a refined texture.