Don't Forget Dad This Fathers Day

Don't Forget Dad This Fathers Day

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Father’s Day is coming up on SundayJune 18th.

We know it's hard to shop for the dads in your life. Often, we hear people say, "what do I get the man that has everything?"

Well, we can't keep getting him slippers, can we?

Our advice is to give him something he doesn't even realize he is missing - yet.

You can find something that will compliment his everyday routine - be it related to exercise, reading in his study, or just looking good with the family.

We offer a wide range of men's products to suit anyones needs and concerns. From shaving creams to styling products, each formula is specially geared to protect, nourish or groom no matter the hair or skin type. Stock up on his faves or discover something new.

Upgrade His Wardrobe

Cool and Fresh

Spiced Woods 

Percival by Parfums de Marly

A traditionally aquatic fragrance, this is widely appealing first step into niche fragrances. 

Layton by Parfums de Marly

Slightly sweetened by botanicals, Layton is fresh fragrance taking a gentle step into spiced woods for spring and summer.

Midnight Spirit by Olibere Paris

Zest citrus and mint is backed by a bed of spices that transitions this scent from day to night.


No. 352 by Lumira

Drifting between smoky leather and fresh cedar, No.352 is inspired by the bustling air and ever-changing displays of Australian streets.


Leather Attraction by Olibere Paris

True to its name, this fragrance smells like freshly worn leather jackets.

Rehab by Initio

Slightly sweetened by lavender, Rehab offers a softened approach to sandalwood that encourages embracing.

Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio

Cool and refreshing like an ocean breeze, Ombre Indigo adds a depth of spice that intrigues any passerby. 

Terre Noire by Mad et Len

The rainforest of the Pacific Northwest - bottled. Terre Noire is an earthy, woody scent inspired by the black earth in the rain.

Like Fine Wine

Many of us enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time, and after a few decades of having the time-of-his-life he is sure to notice a few party favors left over on his skin. This includes clogged and bump textured skin, inconsistent color across the face (especially on the cheeks, forehead, and nose), and/or a dull appearance to the skin.

Much like how sun damage takes 10 years to show on the skin, the affects of having-the-time-of-his-life will show up long after the party has ended.

More men than you may realize are getting into skincare. Although it can sound intimidating or scary, we assure you it is worth taking the plunge. Our Manly Maintenance facial is 90-minutes of pampering massages and balancing skincare.

He doesn't realize what he's missing - yet. Once he experiences the transformation good skincare and a proper facial will have, he will wonder what took him so long to get started. 

Anything from wanting to stave off signs of aging or repair the skin from years of fun, this customized facial is a rehab for clogged pores, ingrown hairs, unwanted lines and sun damage. He will leave the spa feeling sharp, smooth, and groomed! Perfect for bearded and clean-shaven faces alike.

For The Sports or Gym Fanatic

Most people don't realize how hard they are on their feet, especially those who are exercise lovers. Anyone from swimmers, basketball players, and runners, to yogi and gym-goers will benefit from a little extra love.

If he's exhausted at the end of the day...

Have him try out Phytomer's Olgiomer Pure lyophilized sea water bath. This bath will revitalize his skin and body with the minerals necessary for healing, growth, and overall proper function. Helps with anyone who suffers from cramps, salt or mineral deficiencies, or is feeling sore. This can be placed into a full bath, or used over 2 to 3 times in a foot bath. 

If his feet or legs hurt...

Get him Gehwol's Avocado Leg Vitality. Gently stimulating, this fast-absorbing lotion leaves no residue and leaves legs feeling fresh. Originally made for diabetics, this lotion is great for anyone who uses their feet because it encourages blood flow to the extremities.

If he's moving around a lot...

He may have a nearly-invisible layer of dirt of his hands. Pop a pocket-sized Noshinku hand sanitizer into his pocket so he can keep safe everywhere he goes. We recommend either Eucalyptus or Bergamot scents, but have several other he might enjoy as well. Plus, they're refillable - perfect for the dad concerned about the environment.

Compliment His Man Cave

If he keeps getting holes in his clothes...

Cedar and lavender are both effective in preventing moths from eating away at his clothes. He doesn't even realize this is an option, but once he learns the way he'll never turn back. Carriere Freres scented wax tablets with natural cedar or lavender are available at a discount for a limited time!

If he likes the smell of tobacco or corn cob pipes...

Even in the spring and summer, the scent of tobacco can bring a cooling, almost night-like feeling. Although not including any tobacco, our Moodcast Candle Midnight blends cinnamon leaf and fir needle, which combines the feeling of being outdoors with sitting near a fire. Many of our guests have states it reminds them of their grandfather, or fondly of a tobacco pipe growing up, so we wanted to mention it here.

If he wants something light and manly...

Adru is reminiscent of walking along a beach that borders a forest. The combination of watery notes, wild nettle, and sandalwood provide a light, fresh, and earthy aroma. Available as either a reed diffuser or a candle.

True to its name, Tonic of Gin is a sparkly, fizzy scent. This candle is a collaboration between two Australian brands, LUMIRA and Grown Spirits. Their botanical gin ingredients were used as inspiration for this non-traditional scent. A little bit of juniper and jasmine are blended with a citrusy murraya (Grown Spirit's key ingredient in their gin), sage, and sandalwood to produce a lightly earthy candle.

If he loves woody scents...

If he loves cooling, woody scents, he highly suggest checking out Mad et Len's Graphite for their crystal potpourri. Graphite is a chalky, woody scent that is reminiscent of, well, graphite. This essential oil is paired with a crystal potpourri, but could be used however you please - such as with a water diffuser. Please note, we have note tested this out ourselves, but several clients have suggested they plan to do this with their essential oil blend.

A slightly warmer scent, Carriere Freres's Bay Laurel candle embodies the life of fresh laurel trees. This candle smells like standing in a sequoia giant forest, with fresh tanbark cracking under your soles. 

So with that, we hope to have helped answer your question, "what does dad want?" Reach out to us at or call directly at 503.226.1526 with any questions, and we can help guide you to the right answer!

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