How to Scent Your Home in Summer

How to Scent Your Home in Summer

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Do you want to light a candle in the summer, but can't bear to see an open flame to remind you of the sweltering heat outside? Or, do you have a rambunctious household that makes leaving unattended flames an unsafe option?

There is a simple solution to this dilemma: flameless fragrances in the form of reed diffusers and crystal potpourri. One of our favorite parts of reed diffusers and crystal potpourri is that we can just set it and forget it. We don't have to worry about leaving an open flame in the other room, or to make sure we burn the candle the right way. 

When using flameless fragrance pieces, there are a few areas of your home that can actually boost the efficiency of your fragrance, so you can enjoy a beautifully aromatic house. 

In addition to choosing your fragrance location, you will also need to choose a scent that best supports your goals in any given space. For example, if you use your bedroom to unwind and take a break after a busy day, the delicate notes of rose fragrances can help lift stress and send you off to serenity for the rest of the evening.

In this article, we will go through three rooms in your house that are ideal spaces for scenting: the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

Crystal Potpourri: Modern Art Pieces

Let's dispel the traditional idea of potpourri being dried out leaves and dust collectors, and start to view them as pieces of art for your home. Our selection of crystal potpourri is not only a great option for softly diffusing scent throughout the day, they are also classic statement pieces that are unlike anything anyone else will have.

In Portland, we have lots of beautiful old homes around the city, but with that sometimes there are unpleasant odors lingering around. To combat this, we love to use our crystal potpourri to continuously coat the room with pleasing notes.

Crystal potpourri is also a great option to anyone who cannot use candles in their home, or who are sensitive to the smell of smoke in particular. Anyone living in a dorm, on a boat, with small children or bouncing pets, or living in a flame-free house will be able to enjoy fragrance without the need for fire. Trust me, I've seen a few cat whiskers get singed from nearby candles, so I believe a safer alternative is to try out flameless fragrances.

For The Bedroom:

Bedroom scents can vary quite a bit, so we've chose two scents in our preferred vibes. Graphite is a cozy, warming scent that is sure to relax you for a good night's sleep, whereas Rosa Luna is a lighter fragrance that relieves stress - perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Graphite by Mad et Len

Rosa Luna by Van Dang Fragrances


For The Bathroom:

A vanilla fragrance like Night Harvest is a glorious bath time scent, as they immerse your senses into relaxation. For something modern and universally pleasant, try out the fresh basil earthiness of Terre Noire.


Terre Noire by Mad et Len

Night Harvest by Van Dang Fragrances


For The Kitchen:

The kitchen is one of the liveliest rooms in any home, and it is definitely a spot where various scents make there way through. We think that something light and green is ideal for this area of the home, as opposed to something sweeter or more gourmand. This way, your flameless fragrance will not interfere with the flavors of your food.


Spirituelle is a bright minty scent, and Solaire smells like a fresh orange blossom orchard.Acid Washed Dream has a soft, green jasmine scent, and Buddhapada incorporates more spices and sandalwood for a zen forest vibe.


Spirituelle by Mad et Len


Solaire by Van Dang Fragrances

Acid Washed Dream by Van Dang Fragrances

Buddhapada by Van Dang Fragrances


Reed Diffusers: Elegant Aromatherapy

Reed diffusers are a wonderful addition to the flameless fragrance collection because of their simplicity. Each reed diffuser lasts around 4 to 6 months, with some reporting to diffuse scent for over a year straight. While we do recommend flipping your reeds over periodically to keep the scent vibrant, there is very little upkeep needed for these pieces. You can pop a reed diffuser down in any room and go on with your day. Sometimes it's the simple things that make us the happiest.

Perfume diffusion will vary depending on the size of the room where the room fragrance diffuser is located, the room temperature, the exposure of the diffuser to direct sunlight, and draughts, which increase the evaporation of the perfume.

For The Bedroom:

Make your bedroom your ideal zone. A fun trick with reed diffusers is to place them next to fabrics, such as curtains, linens, or drapes, to create an elegant room aroma. These cloth materials can absorb the reed diffuser scent, making any movement with them lightly leave a trail of aromatherapy. 

For a stress releasing option, try Rose Mint by Carriere Freres, or if you want something cozy try out Adru by Essence of Harris. Adru is a blend of wild nettle and sandalwood, which makes you feel ready to relax and take a nap.


Rose Mint by Carriere Freres

Adru by Essence of Harris


For The Bathroom:

Every room in your house can be elevated with scent - even the bathroom! Because reed diffusers work well in small spaces, bathrooms are a perfect spot to place your flame-free fragrance. Using a reed diffuser in your bathroom creates an inviting and vibrant environment for you, your family, and your guests. Choosing a crisp fresh scent will give your bathroom that much-needed boost.

Incorporating a light fragrance will make your home feel clean and contemporary. Try out Mara, a salty ocean-scented diffuser, or Orange Blossom for an uplifting, green zing.


Mara by Essence of Harris

Orange Blossom by Carriere Freres


For The Kitchen:

Give yourself a boost of energy while in the kitchen! More than just beautiful display pieces, these reed diffusers encourage you to be on your feet and enjoying yourself. Imagine yourself in a breezy summer orchard with Flor de Naranjo by Coqui Coqui, or with your hands in the garden with the Tomato Reed Diffuser by Carriere Freres.

Flor de Naranjo by Coqui Coqui

Tomato by Carriere Freres


When your home smells divine, it goes deeper than just having a house you can feel proud of and at peace in. Inhaling certain scents can actually have an impact on our mood, and can remind you of previous experiences you've had. Although you may not have initially realize that each house has its own unique scent, now you are armed with the knowledge of the subconscious affect fragrance has in the house. From relaxing vanilla to energizing citrus, you can use your environment to automate your behaviors by using the subtle cue of scent.

Having a flameless fragrance option placed in your home not only enhance your home environment, but they are also a perfect mood booster. Whichever scent you choose, your home will become a perfectly fragranced haven.

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